Kate Burrows


From my first teaching experience at Rutgers—Sociology 101 over the summer—to my current positions at Madonna University, Hudson Valley Community College, and Newlane University, I have always been inspired by my students. Students and their “a-ha!” moments are what motivate me as an educator. My goal for all of my courses, whether a large introductory class or a small advanced seminar, is to nurture students’ sociological imagination—to help them see the world through a fresh sociological lens that reveals hidden social structures, categories, discrimination, and bias. When I first studied sociology, it opened up new worlds for me. I aim to spark that same sense of revelation and critical thinking in my students.

I aim to create an interactive, seminar-style learning environment where students feel empowered to share perspectives, ask questions, and engage in thoughtful discussion and debate. My priority is fostering an inclusive space where students can develop and voice their own sociological insights. I find the most impactful learning happens through the “give and take” of ideas, when students are active participants in shaping our collective understanding. My role is to facilitate that type of generative, student-driven inquiry, whether teaching in-person or online. I incorporate participatory elements like discussion boards to promote the critical thinking and analysis I seek in my ideal classroom setting. By valuing students’ contributions, I hope to empower them to take ownership of their intellectual growth.