Kate Burrows


As an independent scholar and consultant, I aim to mentor academics, professionals, and aspiring researchers through the entire process of developing impactful research and bringing ideas to life on the page. My own training as a sociologist equipped me with extensive expertise in qualitative and quantitative methods, from designing research studies to analyzing data and articulating significant findings. Over the past few years, I have published widely in peer-reviewed journals, edited a volume, and forged a passion for guiding others seeking to contribute their own empirical insights.

My consulting philosophy centers on unlocking clients’ knowledge and perspectives that may not yet have an outlet. I excel at literature reviews, interviewing, focus groups, coding qualitative data, and translating raw information into polished reports, manuscripts, or presentations. However, my role is not just technical. I aim to be a thought partner, asking the right questions to elucidate what a client already intrinsically understands about their research area. My gift lies in helping scholars find the voice and narrative that captures an internal sense of purpose. I assist with framing studies, situating ideas within relevant literature, wrestling with analysis, strengthening arguments, and packaging conclusions for maximum impact.

As a professor and published author in sociology and mental health, I offer subject matter expertise that informs thoughtful consulting. But I pride myself on versatility, rapidly learning new disciplinary contexts and types of research to maximize my ability to guide clients. Whether a student seeking coaching on a thesis, a professor hoping to turn conference presentations into journal articles, a policy expert wrestling with a final report, or a business leader making sense of in-house data, I can provide custom support. My editorial eye, experience with peer review, and commitment to nurturing independent scholarship equip me to assist with projects at every stage. My ultimate goal is to empower clients to make their own unique contributions while developing as producers of influential research over the long term. Please reach out if you need an experienced thought partner as you turn your intellectual passions into published realities that enable social change.