Kate Burrows


While research and teaching constitute core elements of my profession, service activities round me out as a scholar and enable me to give back to my field and community. I consider service not just an obligation, but a way to apply my expertise more broadly and an avenue for my own continued growth.

Several of my service commitments involve leadership roles in peer organizations that provide crucial support and networking for independent scholars like myself. I work with independent scholar coalitions across the world to overcome isolation and empower autonomous researchers through conferences, resource sharing, and online hubs like H-Scholar for global communication and idea exchange. I also volunteer as an editor for open access academic platforms like AtomicAcademic as part of a personal commitment to democratizing production and dissemination of knowledge.

Additionally, I aim for forms of regional and national service that leverage my background as a sociologist specializing in mental health. As a State Trainer for NAMI Clackamas, I work to reduce stigma and improve treatment access. My work with the non-profit Research and Conversations about Bipolar Disorder focuses specifically on making scientific insights comprehensible and actionable for the average patient. Through these activities, I hope to expand understanding of mental health issues while advocating for marginalized groups.

In all cases, my service work reminds me why I pursued this career in the first place: to not only conduct socially relevant studies, but contribute to positive change through action. I am fortunate that various leadership positions allow me to build community among scholars, make research more widely available, and destigmatize psychiatric diagnoses that impact so many. Such services renew my passion for participating in the life of various institutions and improving lives beyond academia.