When I started this website last year, it’s only intention was to act as a repository for my published research and syllabi. Basically an online academic home, because tenure-track professors have pages provided by their universities for this purpose, but I don’t have that luxury, as I don’t “belong” anywhere. When I added my website address to my syllabus, I wasn’t expecting students to read anything¬† more than my published research and prior syllabi, but then I started the blog, and everything changed.

In my first blog post, I revealed that I have schizoaffective disorder, and I revealed that information with purpose. As a mental health sociologist, I believe in smashing bias, stereotyping, and stigma. “Coming out” as a high-performing person with a serious mental illness is one way we can dismantle stigma- by showing that “regular” high-functioning people can have serious mental illness.

I am looking forward to the next term teaching Gender & Mental Health again. It’s one of my favorite classes to teach. If you are a student of mine and reading this blog post, please let me know you visited by posting a comment to this site, and feel free to ask any questions.