I found out a week or so again that because university enrollment is down, the sociology department is cutting back on it’s adjunct hours. Adjuncts like myself who typically teach 4 courses per year will now only be allowed to teach 1 course per year. This is a huge hit to my budget. So I am teaching Sociology of Disability this summer (2022), and then am not teaching again until Spring 2023.

So I am desperately looking for online adjunct jobs across the country. Fall schedules have already been solidified for most schools, so I think it’s unlikely that I will be teaching this fall. Maybe the break will be good for me. But hopefully I can get a winter class. I’m applying to for-profit schools, community colleges,and state universities. So far, I’ve gotten nowhere, but I just had a teaching statement written for me that should help me get jobs. I’ll post it in a separate post.

So now I am looking for two jobs- a full time job to replace the VA, and teaching work to supplement PSU. I hope I can find something!