Well, I finally got around to getting my dissertation published! In four weeks time, I’ll have two hard-bound copies of my book! It was more expensive than I thought it would be (but I have about 10 color pages, so I know that increased the cost). I’m looking forward to holding the actual book in my hand. I defended my dissertation proposal in 2014 (after doing 1-2 years of research on the proposal), and then had to rewrite it, and re-defend it again in 2020 when I switched to PSU, so this has been a long time in coming. 7 years formally, but I’ve been working on aspects of my dissertation topic since my second semester of grad school- back in 2008! Nice to be done. Now on to getting the chapters published.

The ads chapter WILL be published, to my delight, in Advertising & Society Quarterly. It is currently in Revise & Resubmit mode, and I have a great relationship with the editor, so I feel really pleased with how it is coming along. The History of Technology and Interviews chapters are still under review with different journals. The interview chapter has already been rejected three times, but I think I just wasn’t submitting it to the right journals. The History of Tech piece has been rejected once or twice (can’t quite remember). It’s going to be hard to place, so won’t feel too bad if I can’t get it published. I’ve received encouraging feedback about the interview chapter, though, so really do hope I can find a home for that one.