I got a new job! It’s with InsideOut Insights, which is a small marketing, brand management company. I’ll be employee #8, It’s 100% remote, which I love. It’s based in Rochester NY, but employees are all over the country. I’ll start off, in my first 6 weeks, running small projects, but as a senior researcher, I’ll be managing large clients by myself. I am so excited!

I have gotten so sick of the VA. The culture there is toxic. Just thinking that I have to go back there for 4 days before I start my new job is making me sick. The VA definitely contributed to my illness.I have been doing so well working from home. I’m working long hours, 10-12, but I’m not stressed out. I’m happy. I’m happy to be working while Jon is home.

My VA boss is going to be mad that I spent my FMLA on looking for a new job, but oh well.It’s her problem now.