Yesterday I had a teaching interview with University of Minnesota- Rochester. It’s just a one-term assignment to fill in for the regular sociology professor who will be taking a stretch assignment for the term, but it would be great to teach this class! It’s a healthcare university- so everyone there is either pre-med or healthcare admin. It’s Soc 101- but catered to a medical audience. I would LOVE that! It’s a 7-week term, 3 days a week, synchronously, which I’ve never done before, but I think it would fun to create a new syllabus and refresh my 101 skills. I hope I get the job! Wish me luck!

In other news, I have four publications approved and awaiting publication. The piece about bipolar science and the public that I co-authored with Katrin was approved by Bipolar Disorders, we’re just awaiting to find out when it will be published. My piece on deaf advertising was approved by Advertising & Society, and will be published early next year, my piece about parents and cochlear implants was approved to be in a book called “The Sociology of healthcare,” and let’s not forget my book- not only am I getting a book contract out of that, but I’ll be publishing an article about Abilify Mycite and smart pills. PLUS my autoethnography is under review at Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry! I’m moving along fast! Plus, last week my paper about the history of deaf technology was published in the London Journal of Humanities.

Katrin and I are co-authoring the piece about psychosis and directed drawing; that one’s gettingĀ  a slow start getting through the IRB. Awilda wants to co-author a piece with me, as well, but we are still in the deliberation phase trying to figure out what we want to write about. We have such divergent interests it may not work out.