My new employer is sending me a new computer (Mac) and new monitor, so I’ll have two monitors. My current monitor is old, so probably won’t fit into the dock they send. So I’ll have to buy a new monitor if I want to use 2 monitors. On the other hand, I could just use the new monitor they send me and trash my 16 year old monitor.

I called my two Primary Investigators at the VA today to tell them I was leaving. They both expressed how much they liked working with, and that they were sad to see me go. I also talked to a co-worker. It’s nice to know I’ll be missed, but I hate leaving them in the lurch like this. The co-worker wants to see me on Sunday, which I may decline later, but I told her if we get together, we can’t talk about work. I am too fragile for that still. The last time I talked to this particular co-worker, she briefly mentioned work, and it through me into a tailspin. I can’t handle knowing anything about that place right now. Maybe later.