Well, I just got home from a 14-day hospitalization. 1 day in the ER,and then 14 days in the hospital. It’s never convenient to take that much time off of work-I lost 3 consulting clients because I wasn’t able to communicate with them because I didn’t have access to my phone or my computer. Luckily, a few clients stayed with me. I think I currently have 5 clients. The doctor told me to take 4 weeks off work, so I’m not going back to the VA until May 9th, so I should have plenty of time to work on these clients. The goal of taking so much time off is to relax and recover though, so I need to take it easy and not take on too much work, even though I’ll be tempted to do so because I have to take time off without pay from the VA for the 4 weeks. The doctor told me I had brain damage from having symptoms for 27 years and it will take some time for the dendritic and synaptic structures to rebuild themselves. It’s like having a whole new brain! Lets hope it makes me smarter to have one complete brain!