I’ve applied to 22 jobs in the 3 weeks since leaving IOI. That seems like a pretty good rate to me. It’s been slow hearing back from people because it’s over the holidays- I’ve only received one rejection and one cryptic “you are on the shortlist” email (from United Healthcare). I expect rejections and (hopefully!) interview requests will start rolling in this week and the week after. I’m trying to apply for a couple of jobs a day, and, that, coupled with my consulting business, which I’m doing full-time now, is keeping me busy. I have a couple of proposals for some big jobs that I expect hear back from in the new year, so hopefully those will come through. I’m also doing a bunch of little jobs- they are a pain, but they add up.

In other news, I’m getting a new computer! My computer is about a million years old (ok, 10), and after I lost the IMac IOI loaned to me, I’m missing the speed and efficiency of the Mac. I was using that Mac for everything, and now that I’m back on the old PC, I’m feeling the pain. So, a new computer it is!