I am happy to  announce that Katrin Kutlucinar and myself co-authored a piece called “Connecting the Bipolar Consumer with Scientific Information” has been accepted to Bipolar Disorders. This is a HUGE journal- the leading medical journal about  Bipolar disorder that all psychiatrists who deal with Bipolar patients read. It’s especially a boon because I am a sociologist and Katrin is an LPC, so she and I are both outside of traditional medical journal writers. I am so pleased that they accepted our paper, and it shows they are trying to include other voices, which is great.

I also FINALLY got my interview chapter paper from my dissertation published- it will be published in an anthology called “Sociology of Healthcare”. If you add these two papers that will be published (Ads paper to be published Winter 2022 in Advertising & Society Quarterly), I currently have 3 papers accepted and getting ready to be published!

I also got a book deal! i will editing a volume about the social implications of medical technology. Can’t wait! All of those people who said independent scholarship was impossible obviously don’t know what I am capable of.